We have a wedding coming up!!


Side note:  it has been so long since I've posted, this feels foreign and I'm not sure where all the posting settings are. Oh dear.  I'll learn again!


Our second daughter began dating her now fiancé at the beginning of the Quarantine last year.  They both began working from home and had no other outside contact so they continued dating with walks and basketball and lots of game playing and movie watching.

A  year later (to the day) they were engaged!

There won't be any projects that we will be doing as we did for our oldest daughters wedding.  I posted a number of them here.  Gosh that was a while ago already!

I did make two ring bearers' pillows the other day.  From vintage green velvet!

We took these engagement photos a couple of months ago.  It was hot, so we took breaks to cool down so as to not get too "sweaty".  

The wedding will be on a fall Friday evening.

It is such a joy to see our family grow!


Garden posts coming very soon!


  1. Wonderful news! Blessings to the happy couple

  2. God bless them - may they be this happy forever!! They're a lovely couple - how happy for them you must be.


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