September in the Garden

 Good morning!  I hope you've been following along on Instagram to get brief updates of the garden and life there.  I just fixed my widget again here on the blog so we should be good to go from here if you aren't on Instagram. 
I could say soooo much about every plant in the garden, but I'll spare you!  So look below at what is blooming in September.

As in every year, there is so much I have learned in this season!  There are plants I'll try again and others I will forego to make room for something new.

The garden may be winding down, but now is the time to do a lot of planning and note taking.  I am going to be marking my perennials this fall in a more substantial way and I'm excited about that.  That post and one on that sweet greenhouse-shed you see above to come soon!


  1. Soooo hard to pick a favorite!! Another beautiful garden :)

  2. You just keep making it bigger and better - it's truly beautiful! It looks so peaceful.


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