"Hello" From My Daughter

One of the recent issues from Mollie Makes had this adorable ensemble of embroidery hoops to welcome guests into your home.

My second daughter jumped on this and raided my supplies.

Here is her version.  Sadly I didn't have a perfect white brick wall to photograph her hoops on so I made due with our ottoman.  

Each one is done a little differently.

She used a combination of textures, colors, and techniques.

This one is my favorite.  I did gasp when I realized she used a piece of one of my vintage feed sacks.
I know I have them to be used.  At least I keep telling myself that.  Mostly, I like to look at them. :)

Each hoop was also adorned.

She realized that the "O" should have been made darker, but she was done.  Sometimes that's how it goes.  "Good enough for who it's for" we say. :)

She has hung these in the home she rents with four other girls.  I think they are really cute!

This is definitely a perfect scrap project!

What about a set for Christmas?!..."JOY" most definitely would be perfect. 

Wordless Wednesday

Texture Tuesday: Low Light Photography

I've been starting to work with low light photography.  

I love the moods you can capture when you begin to shoot in low light. 

The moment in time that is captured whispers and you want to stay to listen.

I'm linking once again to Kim Klassen and Texture Tuesday.  I used her texture "Terri" on the above photograph.

Monday Mosaics

This weekend we were able to go to Nebraska's Gem, Ponca State Park for the Missouri River Outdoor Expo.  We had a really nice day.

You can't do or see everything in one day at such an event.  One of the shows we did get to see was the Jonathon Wood's Raptor Project

It was a treat to get to see these magnificent birds up close!!

All of the birds he shows are rescued birds and have some physical impairment which restricts them from being let out into the wild again. 

For anyone local: Jonathan will be at Scheel's in Omaha with his birds in October.
The other show we were able to see was Matt Stutzman, the armless bow-shooter. (the bottom center photo) Here's a link to a video of him breaking a world record in Nebraska.  He was on the USA archery team in the 2012 London Olympics which won the silver medal! He let the audience hold and take pictures with his silver medal.  That's my youngest girls with his medal in the top left photo.  I'm pretty sure they have no clue what that medal meant to the gentleman who won it or to all of those that he has inspired. 

Wow.  Not much more you can say. 

Top middle photo: me throwing a hatchet, on target! 
There was "fish catching" and spear throwing with an atlatl.  You can't imagine how bad I was at that!
And, there were bees.  Lots of bees, but only one sting among us!

I hope you had a nice weekend.

Hedge Apples: My Friday Find

My sister gave me a few Hedge Apples a couple of years ago and I just stuck them in a basket of gourds and thought they were pretty neat.

This year I saw them for sale at the grocery store with a sign touting their ability to ward off spiders.  

So, I bought some.  And googled.  Well, maybe they do, and maybe they don't keep away spiders. We are experimenting with some placed around our home on foil in case they deteriorate before I get back to them.

They come from the Osage-orange tree which is interesting that they are commonly called hedge apples and not just Osage oranges.

Somewhere though and I don't remember where it was mentioned that they could be cut and dried. Then I found where you can buy them dried here.

Well, that had me curious.  

So, wearing gloves, (because I read that the milk inside could cause dermatitis) I cut one up.  

I cut thin slices and dried them in a low oven for hours and hours.

I had enough slices for a small wreath when I glued them to an embroidery hoop.

I added a "fiber bundle" bow and I have a new fall wreath!

Now you know what's on the inside of a Hedge Apple!  

Just in case you were wondering.

If it is really necessary to worry about the milk on the inside causing dermatitis then my opinion is that you could get just as pretty of a wreath drying oranges and lemons and not worry about gloves. Unless of course you have an Osage Orange tree and access to free ones! 

Kim Klassen dot Com

Just Is Case You Need To Hear This Today

yep, it will be

Texture Tuesday

I'm doing the "catch up" thing here...trying to care of a few things that have been piling up.  Sadly, that hasn't included the mess in our basement yet!

The above image was textured with Kim Klassen's "villa".  And, I'm linking with her Tuesday post here.

Happy day to you all! 

Saturday Digest

►I'm left with only a few flowers left to cut from my garden.   I really like this mid century coffee carafe as a vase.

►Look at the little coffee cups turned and dripping that are used to mark the levels on the caraffe!  Makes me smile.

►Do you know what a cairn is?  Well I had to google it after reading this post on "Lynn Says Hello from France".  Do you know that word?  Now, I want to make my own cairn just because I like rocks a lot and now I know there is a great word to call the stack I'll make!

►It's definitely not too early to be thinking about Advent Calendars.  And, they aren't just for kids in my opinion.  There are so many ways to make one!  Here are links to one I made, and another one.  I have plans to make yet another.  They certainly don't need to hold a treat and will work beautifully as Christmas decor even if you don't actually do the "count down". Just put it out all assembled and it represents the Advent season, the time you are waiting for the Baby Jesus!

One Word Wednesday: ORANGE

"It's Who I Am": My Garden Hat Inspiration

This story began when I went back into the exhibit building at our county fair to quickly shoot a picture of a champion ribbon.  I posted pictures from our county fair here.

I chose this ribbon because it was awarded to some Cypress Flowers which I thought were so beautiful! I didn't get a picture of the flowers...

As I was snapping a couple of pictures someone behind me to my left started talking about planting seeds for 50 years and on...it took me quite a few seconds to realize that the voice was addressing me.  I turned and it clicked that this woman was the owner of the flowers (and the ribbon) and was telling me about the flowers.

She got the seeds from her grandmother 50 years ago and had planted them every year since.  So they are heirloom flowers.  She even moved 7 times in those years!  She offered to send me some seeds.

Of course I jumped on the offer and scrounged to beg a pen and paper from someone to give her my name and address. 

She continued to talk about the miracle of what can grow from a tiny seed.  Her eyes beamed with her excitement about gardening and other wonders that she talked about.  I thought I had found a kindred soul, and then she turned to gather her other entries in the fair and was gone. I was left with the thrill of the brief encounter and the prospect of growing these flowers myself.

A week or so later she called and left a message that she had many volunteers of the Cypress so if I wanted to come to her garden, I could get plants along with seeds.  The Cypress is a biennial so then I wouldn't have to wait two years to get blooms.  I was so excited to get to talk with this woman again!

It actually worked out for me to drive up to her place one morning.  I was thrilled to not only get flowers, but to tour around her flower beds!  She is a Master Gardener, that is an earned classification that you can read about here.  I'm not sure if all states have such a program.  

She is 86 and so just "retired" from her volunteer position as a Master Gardener.  

She spoke of all the nuances of each plant and I loved every minute of our conversation!  She hates weeds and there were none in sight.  I asked if she has a lot of butterflies in the garden...she said didn't know as she was too busy looking down at the flowers and weeding!

She told me the reason she continues to enter flowers at the fairs is to inspire people to garden.  She has a suitcase full of ribbons and doesn't need/want any more.  She inspired me for sure!

Oh, to have that much knowledge and physical ability to still garden at 86....and her passion about the flowers...very inspiring.  I will probably always be more tolerant of weeds though, ha! I've had too many for too long!

She took me into an old barn on her farm and here is what she showed me, two old refrigerators that she keeps plugged in to store the flowers she picks.  She takes them to nursing homes and churches!

This woman delights in her flowers and in sharing them!

I didn't take a lot of pictures as I was engrossed in what she all was telling me and at the end I asked if I could take her picture.  She said, "Like this?" indicating her gardening clothes.  I said, "Of course!"  

To which she replied,

 "It's who I am."

Kim Klassen dot Com

So, I've Been Learning...

...some new things in Photoshop.  So much to learn, whew!

I loved my daughter and grand daughters expressions as they were walking in the sand.  I'm not sure what or who they were looking at, but I liked their faces. Especially that squinty-eyed chubby-cheeked face.  I didn't like the background of the boat dock, trees, etc.  I've been wanting to learn how to extract an object from a photo and this was a huge challenge!  I'm not sure what I think about what I did, but it's a step in the right direction of where I want to go with some photos.

This is Auntie and the little one, not Mamma and the little one by the way.

I'm linking up with Kim Klassen and Texture Tuesday.  The background is "greydayslate" a texture from Kim.

Have a great day and I hope you are learning something new too!

Wordless Wednesday

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