Shadow Shot Sunday

We sat down to read two days ago and there they were. Beautiful shadows. One of our couches sits in front of a South facing door to our back yard. --My 3 year old's pretty long lashes.

I did have to snap quite a few pictures and coerce them to move a bit once I saw how much I liked their silhouettes.

This is my two year old who got tired of hearing the same story as I shot pictures and just started reading her own book!

Head to Hey Harriet to see more fun shadows!

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

Meet Joan. She's the muscle behind the Colfax County Recycling Facility. She helps all of us to be better stewards of what we've been given. That is at least ---of what we've been given and then we used and then were ready to toss carelessly away---But, in steps Joan Mejstrik and the Keep Schuyler Beautiful Foundation and now we have a very clean, nice place to drop off all those items that once were headed to the landfill. Now, they can be recycled, reused, and repurposed!

I love vintage items and antiques and am ESPECIALLY drawn to what is old and rusty and in poor condition because I see new uses for it, and I see personality in it's age and rust. Maybe that is why I think our recycling center is so neat. I see art out there, actually. The colors of all the old packaging---the lines created when it's all tightly bundled together---

---The repitition of the shapes---

Then it gets neatly--yes it is-- neatly bundled together.

Aahh--the lines--

If this is the proverbial "bed" that we have created---I personally am extremely grateful that there is a Starbucks in it for me!!


Wishful Thinking

Shadow Shot Sunday

I was photographing some items for my Etsy shop this week and caught sight of the great shadows of the umbrellas I was shooting. Can't believe it's almost Sunday here and already is in Australia. Check out Hey Harriet for more fun pictures!

When It Rains It Pours!

Yahoo! I'm in another treasury. Check out the green and gold vintage umbrella up there--that too is from my Etsy Shop. See the treasury here.
(I beat Leah to the pun this time!)


See the cute little chick egg dish up there in that treasury? That's mine from my Etsy shop.
This is a cute spring grouping and you can check it out here.

It's Genetic

This is a printer's drawer that I have in my sewing room with some of my sewing memorabilia collection and other little odds and ends that I think are interesting.

If you look close, you'll see there are a few "new" items, little miniatures sewing what-nots from scrapbooking supplies. I can bump them out as I add to my collection!

This is one of my favorite pieces I picked up at an estate sale here in town. It's a wishbone from a chicken that has been crocheted around. It holds a thimble and then the woman's scissors would hang from the little loops. I guess when you're short on supplies you improvise and we know back in the day--those women could improvise!!

This little blue scottie dog is a shade pull.

This is the printer's drawer in my son's room. I love mine, but when I look at his I'm not sure which one I like best!

He's learning to play the harmonica.

He likes springs. I always think I'll use some in a project some day, but you know they are pretty neat all by themselves.

And of course watches and locks--I pick him up watches when I can part with them from an auction or garage sale.

There is so many projects out there that use the insides of watches--but again, I almost like them just as is.

Shadow Shot Sunday

"Self Portrait"
It's Sunday in Australia, so head on over to "Hey Harriet" to see more great shadows.


I don't really have a recipe for you; just a guideline so to speak. My sister-in-law Jeannie has brought Stromboli to the family quite a few times and it's down right tasty. Her's is Italian with a couple kinds of meat, cheese, and Italian seasoning. I've made it that way and love it but since I don't usually have a variety of lunch meats on hand, I've come up with what I call Pizza Stromboli.

Let frozen bread dough thaw out according to the package directions. I'm not really organized nor a stickler to rules, so I'll tell you there is wiggle room here. Depending on when I get it out and when I get 'round to baking it; sometimes it raise A LOT and other times just big enough. By the time you punch it down and stretch it out flat, fill, and bake it--I can't tell the difference.
When it comes out brush it with butter-really makes it look better!

Fill it with what ever you want--that's the beauty of this "recipe". Common for us is hamburger and mozerella cheese because I always have that. Of course you need to season it up with whatever you like. I really like to add green peppers and onions to at least one of these because Randy and I can not possibly have enough green peppers and onions in our diet. And the kids well you guessed it--most of them won't touch a pepper.

This time I also put in pepperoni. Even if you look close you can't see the cheese--because I FORGOT IT!! I cut it up and whaaaaaatt?? There is was sitting on the counter. Maybe I should have a recipe to follow, look at, and then I would remember all the ingredients.

Then we heat this up and dip the stromboli in it. Even though we were hailed out last year the tomatoes came back some and and we did get a some canning done. No long-used secret recipe here-just Mrs. Wages pizza sauce seasoning packet with home grown tomatoes. Good stuff.

I Won a Bracelet!

While checking out the promotion forum one night on Etsy I came across a bracelet giveaway from this Etsy shop tinahdee. I love a contest, drawing, name I headed on over. Tina makes some wonderful jewelry- and in this particular contest she was giving away a bracelet that has been her best selling item--her anchor--as she put it. The winner would be chosen from a random drawing. (Thank-you MacKenzie, her daughter, who drew my name!) Each entry was to include what you would want on your bracelet if you won.

Now, this took some thought: what if I won? Whatever, I put would be there-- for--well--eternity! Tina's suggestions for the bracelet was to think about what is your 'anchor'.

She wrote:
"..... Sometimes it helps to have a reminder - an anchor that brings us back to focus when the daily trials and irritations of life have us ready to just give up and go back to old familiar patterns of behavior....."

This was my entry:
“This may sound odd but I would like “Eternity has begun”. It’s my reminder that life here is brief, and what really matters is how we live–not all the things that bring us stress. I used to compartmentalize eternity as that time so far off when you die, but one day (while praying) I realized that eternity has begun. When you think about it, I mean REALLY think about it–everything slides into perspective.”

You can buy one yourself here or go here to try to win one or another item from her shop, because she's having another giveaway for February!! (Tell her I sent you--)
Thank-you Tina!

By the way, the Etsy promotion forum is fun to check out--see who is offering what to promote their shop.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

No, I'm not going anywhere, but that was the joke at the auction on Sunday when I bought these beauties. I've resolved (weakly) that I won't even move these to the basement. I will list them in my Etsy shop and I will not keep them!

Actually, the truth is I'm not moving them to the basement because I'm spending time here on the computer and they are sitting amidst all the outside Christmas garland and lights that still need to be boxed up and moved to the basement. And, the basement is full of the other Christmas decor. that still needs to be put back in the closet. Lucky for me, I could find the time to go to the auction, huh?! It does feel good to have my priorities straight. (please note sarcasm)
I do know if I move them down and add them to my other suitcases I'll never want to part with them. OOoooh I love these old suitcases--not as much as doors,-- but almost.

Shadow Shot Sunday

Earlier this week, we had a half-way decent day with lots of sunshine. Claire had been given a bottle of bubbles at school so we headed out to blow some when we got home. Blowing bubbles is one of my favorite things to do and I usually grab my camera. This time the added bonus was great shadows on the garage!
I read once that if you blew bubbles in subzero weather they would freeze in the air before they popped. About 15 years ago we tried it once when the wind chill was 30something below zero. It didn't really work--- but I still think it could! And will try again someday!
Check out other shadow shots at Hey Harriet!

What Is It About Doors?

I love doors and I love door knobs. I have a lot of knobs in my basement. For someday, when I have the perfect project for them. I took this picture today up at my Mom's in my Dad's old shop. It was a house once upon a time. Someone's home. My Grandfather's for awhile. Then it became "the old house"; "the shop", and I remember my Dad sorting bolts and what-not out there. I love that old house.


My wall art is in a treasury! Check it out here. Some day I'll learn how to post a picture of a treasury---

What Goes Around Comes Around

The Beatle's Greatest Hits...They'll always be around...But who would have thought records would make a come back? I will refer to them from here on as "vinyl" because that's the new twist. Vintage Vinyl--I love it!

This is what Bonnie got for Christmas. I want to say "It's not your mother's record player", but uhg-I'm the mother!! This is a USB turn table, so she can put our old (excuse me)--our vintage vinyl and her newly aquired vintage vinyl on her MP3 player. How cool is that?? She even just bought a new vinyl album because some groups are releasing their new albums in vinyl again.

Why? In this age of digital? Why go back to the potential scratching, taking care to place the needle just so, needing more space again for storage?? For the experience, for the fullness in the sound, and just because. We spent some time in her room Christmas morning with her playing for me some of her favorites.

This rack of vintage 45s is on a shelf in our basement. I've been collecting records for a long time; for display, and for some day; crafting. There are a lot of ideas out there that use the old ones in projects. I don't think many people ever thought anyone would play them again other than for a trip down memory lane.

I found this one on Etsy. You can buy it here.

I really like these--coasters--they can be found here. This might be my project with some of my old records- uuhhm vinyl, someday.

Shadow Shot Sunday

After taking a 2 week Christmas break from Shadow Shot Sunday, I have two fence shadows for you. Check out more at Hey Harriet!

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