Santa's Elves

This is what we wanted to make for Claire for Christmas for her American Girl Doll-(a more economical version of this!!)

My husband built this with spindles I bought at a garage sale and scrap wood.

I picked these up at a garage sale this past summer with this bed in mind.

Scraps from auctions and my own previous projects.

This was the fun part- Randy & Will saved these for me a while back from packing in a box because they thought I "could use them". They ended up being perfect for constructing the canopy.

We worked at this up until the last minute even though we had planned for it for a few months--go figure!!
(continue in next post-I don't know how to put more that 5 pics in one post! I'm open to instruction from anyone?!)


  1. love it.

    more than 5 photos: post the LAST five you want posted. then go back in and add more photos, that being the first five. am not sure how else to do basically if you had 10 photos, you would list

    6,7,8,9,10 (in that order)
    then go back into 'add pics' and add

    easy peasy.
    and if they dont appear in that order, see what order they DO appear in and delete all and start over.

    trial and lots of error for me.

    any luck on the 7 chairs??!!

  2. You can add as many pics as you want, just keep touching the add picture button. I usually can only upload one at a time though. Plus you can move the order of the pictures around just by "grabbing" and placing them where you want!


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