Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

No, I'm not going anywhere, but that was the joke at the auction on Sunday when I bought these beauties. I've resolved (weakly) that I won't even move these to the basement. I will list them in my Etsy shop and I will not keep them!

Actually, the truth is I'm not moving them to the basement because I'm spending time here on the computer and they are sitting amidst all the outside Christmas garland and lights that still need to be boxed up and moved to the basement. And, the basement is full of the other Christmas decor. that still needs to be put back in the closet. Lucky for me, I could find the time to go to the auction, huh?! It does feel good to have my priorities straight. (please note sarcasm)
I do know if I move them down and add them to my other suitcases I'll never want to part with them. OOoooh I love these old suitcases--not as much as doors,-- but almost.


  1. holy mackrel! that is a HUGE score. HUGE! nice work. i have sold every suitcase i list on etsy.


  2. Holy Cow...didn't want to take the same as Leah...hehehe! I love the suitcases!!

  3. What a bevy of beauties you've got there! I'd say you've got your priorities just right!!

  4. Love them! My grandmother always used one like the smaller red one.... of course it is in my treasure pile now!

  5. mmm... those suitcases are delicious.

  6. Jill, we know we are soul sisters now - we love picking up suitcases here & there....yesterday we picked up a few at a tag-it sale. It just so happens that we found one like these a couple of months ago out with the garbage. We get in such giggle fits when we grab something off the side of the road!
    Enjoy your week!


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