I Can't Imagine

This is an antique commode we have upstairs.

Inside is a chamber pot. I'm sure most of you know what it was for---but in case you don't---it was used in place of a toilet when people in the house didn't want to go outside to the outhouse--like in the middle of the night or when it was really cold or when they were sick.
Our Christmas was wonderful, but New Year's has left a little to be desired. My husband and four of the kids have had a "stomach virus" and I've had a cold. My parents had five children before they had indoor plumbing. NO KIDDING--(rural Nebraska). I was number six of the kids so have always had the benefit of indoor plumbing.
During these past days, I once again look at my antiques, enjoy them and am grateful that I live now. I just can't imagine--


  1. I'm sorry your household is so sick. I hope you're all feeling better soon.
    I too am thankful for indoor plumbing!!

  2. Ugh! I hope your family gets well soon. Thank God for indoor plumbing!

  3. That made it's rounds here too!!I hope you guys feel better soon!! and yes...I cannot imagine!!

  4. Hope you are all feeling better soon! When I was a little girl and we stayed at my grandmothers, we used a chamber pot, but in Missouri (at least my mother's family) called it a "pah-du-duh-lem" (phonetic spelling). Kind of noisy....

  5. Hope all are feeling better now. Why drag it out....get it done all at once. Yuck.
    And, my cousins wanted my Grandmother's "soup pot" from her antique house. We couldn't figure it out until she showed us. She keeps it in her bathroom now and not her kitchen!!

  6. I feel for all of you with the flu bug. I remember the days when our kids were growing up. It's not fun having the stomach flu.
    I have a sore throat right now. I don't feel bad, but I get coughing spells which is no fun!!
    Ask Bonnie R about the soup pot sometime. She bought one at a household sale and she also thought it was for soup, but no it was a "pee pot". She used it for a decoration for a while. Wonder what happened to it. Maybe Jill has a use for it.


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