It's Genetic

This is a printer's drawer that I have in my sewing room with some of my sewing memorabilia collection and other little odds and ends that I think are interesting.

If you look close, you'll see there are a few "new" items, little miniatures sewing what-nots from scrapbooking supplies. I can bump them out as I add to my collection!

This is one of my favorite pieces I picked up at an estate sale here in town. It's a wishbone from a chicken that has been crocheted around. It holds a thimble and then the woman's scissors would hang from the little loops. I guess when you're short on supplies you improvise and we know back in the day--those women could improvise!!

This little blue scottie dog is a shade pull.

This is the printer's drawer in my son's room. I love mine, but when I look at his I'm not sure which one I like best!

He's learning to play the harmonica.

He likes springs. I always think I'll use some in a project some day, but you know they are pretty neat all by themselves.

And of course watches and locks--I pick him up watches when I can part with them from an auction or garage sale.

There is so many projects out there that use the insides of watches--but again, I almost like them just as is.


  1. your son's collection is amazing - yours is too, but I'm more drawn to the watches and keys - cool pics!

  2. I love the print boxes. I have one with all my little treasures, but I love the idea for the boys too. The packrat gene has flowed through my grandmother to me and to the boys.... of course, it's catching too as Bernie has long since had it (although that easily could have come from his mum's side too -- we just have different tastes in what we "treasure!")

  3. I LOVE. THEM. i have always, always loved printers boxes. shadow boxes...any sort of tiny trinket holders. i will be over around 3pm today to take them off your walls. i promise they will be in a good loving home, but i think i need to have both of them. now, please.

  4. I love these-I have one but it is not displayed at the moment due to lack of room. I had lots of miniature things such as tiny bottles, a tiny lighthouse keeper, a minaiture etch-a-sketch and a teeny tiny harmonica. I love to see how you and your son have used yours. I also have rather a lot of vintage sewing supplies-they have accumulated over the years-I love them!
    Thanks for visiting me today and nice to meet you.
    Sarah :)

  5. I really like them. I used to have one but eventually took it down cuz I got tired of dusting each individual cubby. Lazy I guess. LOL

  6. I have a couple of vintage coke/pepsi "boxes". I think I will drop them off with "Mrs. Thumann" when I see her next!! Maybe you could help her create something awesome??
    -Mrs. Thumann's mom


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