Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

Meet Joan. She's the muscle behind the Colfax County Recycling Facility. She helps all of us to be better stewards of what we've been given. That is at least ---of what we've been given and then we used and then were ready to toss carelessly away---But, in steps Joan Mejstrik and the Keep Schuyler Beautiful Foundation and now we have a very clean, nice place to drop off all those items that once were headed to the landfill. Now, they can be recycled, reused, and repurposed!

I love vintage items and antiques and am ESPECIALLY drawn to what is old and rusty and in poor condition because I see new uses for it, and I see personality in it's age and rust. Maybe that is why I think our recycling center is so neat. I see art out there, actually. The colors of all the old packaging---the lines created when it's all tightly bundled together---

---The repitition of the shapes---

Then it gets neatly--yes it is-- neatly bundled together.

Aahh--the lines--

If this is the proverbial "bed" that we have created---I personally am extremely grateful that there is a Starbucks in it for me!!



  1. mmmmm...i do love your perspective on things.

  2. Do you know where they take glass? The recycling program at our dump won't take glass anymore since they don't know who takes it.

  3. All that "trash" does look so much more appealing all cleaned up sitting in their bins waiting to be recycled. Not at all like they look piled up in a land fill. Good post!!


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