I Won a Bracelet!

While checking out the promotion forum one night on Etsy I came across a bracelet giveaway from this Etsy shop tinahdee. I love a contest, drawing, giveaway...you name it...so I headed on over. Tina makes some wonderful jewelry- and in this particular contest she was giving away a bracelet that has been her best selling item--her anchor--as she put it. The winner would be chosen from a random drawing. (Thank-you MacKenzie, her daughter, who drew my name!) Each entry was to include what you would want on your bracelet if you won.

Now, this took some thought: what if I won? Whatever, I put would be there-- for--well--eternity! Tina's suggestions for the bracelet was to think about what is your 'anchor'.

She wrote:
"..... Sometimes it helps to have a reminder - an anchor that brings us back to focus when the daily trials and irritations of life have us ready to just give up and go back to old familiar patterns of behavior....."

This was my entry:
“This may sound odd but I would like “Eternity has begun”. It’s my reminder that life here is brief, and what really matters is how we live–not all the things that bring us stress. I used to compartmentalize eternity as that time so far off when you die, but one day (while praying) I realized that eternity has begun. When you think about it, I mean REALLY think about it–everything slides into perspective.”

You can buy one yourself here or go here to try to win one or another item from her shop, because she's having another giveaway for February!! (Tell her I sent you--)
Thank-you Tina!

By the way, the Etsy promotion forum is fun to check out--see who is offering what to promote their shop.


  1. you sure made it look great, Jill! Thanks for posting this. :)

  2. What a cool bracelet and great phrase! Lucky girl!!

  3. look at you, you savvy etsy forum girl.

    cool bracelet! i think i will head over and register for the giveaway.


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