The final product--

This was really fun--wouldn't want anyone to hold a tape measure up to it or to peer to closely, but all in all it turned out pretty good!


  1. It's adorable! I bet your daughter loves it!!

    I don't know how to do a lot on my blog...but I do know the photo thing. You just do it the same way you did the first 5. It only lets you do the 5 at one time...but when you click on the little add photo can do 5 more over and over as many times as you like. It will add the next 5 to the top of your post...and you can cut and paste them to wherever you want. Hope that makes sense.

  2. Kudos! BJ and I are quite impressed with Randy's skills -- thought BJ was the only one for those types of honey-do's! And, we have those same cardboard scraps, which make great race car ramps, marble maze ramps, troughs, etc. We can't throw those out! It makes me smile... I'm not the only one who has their hubby try to make something for cheaper -- we'll have to swap stories of their successes and failures! Fun!


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