Creative Christmas Trees

The idea of an alternate Christmas tree was first introduced to me in second grade by my teacher, Mrs Bohme.  She read us the Coat Hanger Christmas Tree and the story stayed with me.

I went seeking the book in the late 1990s.  The Internet was a thing, but only the beginning. I somehow found a used book store in Minnesota and ordered a used copy.  I wanted to read the book to my kids.  

I haven't read it to anyone in awhile, but all six of them heard it when they were little.

 I made these "trees" and just photographed them instead of securing the pieces down.  I made posters of them that are for sale now at Old Cottonwood.  I was hoping to add them to a shop like Society 6 yet before Christmas, but I still need to work out some details.

You may remember this book tree from last year.  This may shock some of you, but no one who knows me would be surprised, it's still up!!  Yep.  I liked it and honestly it just looked like a tree, it didn't need to be a Christmas tree.  Soooo....the question is, do I take it down now that it is actually Christmas and put something different there?  I think I may just make some different reader ornaments to adorn it. 

Completely unrelated to Christmas Trees, but related to God, so I guess it is related to Christmas trees:  You may enjoy this series of four podcasts by Father Mike Schmitz   They are given at the University of North Dakota. The series is really good and I think it's just so true and relevant to every person.  He calls the series "Comparisin"  as a pun to Comparison.  On my phone, I find it on the Podbean App.  

He also has podcasts at Ascension Press which are different than the ones he gives to the college students at University of North Dakota. So there is a lot to check out from him.  

Tissue Covers From Vintage Fabric Part 2

Sooooo, eight years ago I posted about making some tissue covers, you can read about it here.
I ended the post saying that I would be making more....

 Eight years later, I did!! 

These were all vintage fabrics again, but I have no idea what sales they came from this time.   Many different ones.

I have fabric sorted very roughly into colors and kept in clear bags or tubs so I can see what is inside.  Most of the pieces are scraps and often quite small so the piecing together is needed.  But, that is what makes them so fun.

I have to say, it's pretty time intensive because of the choices and the limitations on fabric sizes, but time well spent in the midst of all this color and pattern!

I didn't put in the little tab like I did eight years ago because all of these were so different I would have needed even more options of trim that I have.  But I don't think they are missing a thing without it.

When I stacked these up, I thought it was interesting how they look like little sacks of feed and some of the scraps I used are indeed from feed sacks.  :)

These will also be for sale this year at Old Cottonwood.

Pop Crate Advent Calendar (the no candy kind!)

I posted this project on Instagram along with the process to make it in my stories there.  

I saved those stories to one of the highlights so you can go take a look if you'd like to make your own.

I'd had this idea for so long!  

So I was pretty happy to finally bring it to life.

I used vintage music, calendars, and my own hand printed and painted paper to make the collages for the one side.  

On the other side I glued vintage jewelry pieces so day by day, you reveal the sparkle.

I chose gold, silver, red, and green jewelry along with a couple of religious medals.

A couple of years ago, I made a really scrappy advent calendar as a gift for a friend.  You can see it here.  That was a lot of fun to make too!

I also made this one in was that so long ago?!  I ended up gluing all the pieces in place and I still put it out every year and really enjoy it even if we can't "count down" with it.

And then there is this one too, that I still put candy in for the youngest two kids. :) 

This one will be for sale at Old Cottonwood this advent. 

Have a great week!

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