Tissue Covers From Vintage Fabric Scraps

I have been thinking about tissue boxes and tissue covers for awhile and found a pattern for a tissue cover here at the very purple person blog. Novita lives in Tokyo and graciously allows the use of her pattern for personal or commercial use.  When I bought a box of old cut up clothing, it wasn't until I got it home that I knew  what I wanted to do with it.  I've done some tweaking to the pattern. I can share my changes after I decide what, if any, of the changes I like best. :)

The fabric all came from the same box of cut up clothing at a garage sale.

The pieces I would say ranged from the 1950s to the 70s, most from the 70s.

The little tag is a neat touch and that came from a small bag of trims from the same garage sale.

I made these two from hankies (yes, same garage sale!)  

These and a few more have all gone to find new homes in a pocket book, book bag, or purse as a gentle reminder of a special woman.  

I think the hankies sewn into a tissue cover are a great more modern use of a keepsake handkerchief.  How nice to peak into your purse or pocketbook and have a little memory of someone you love. 

For me, it's just joy to continue to use sleeves, bodices, pants, and scraps from the years gone by.  
Pieces that were saved out of pure necessity.
Cutting around the faded parts.  

Sometimes choosing the faded parts.

I will be making more. :)


  1. Love these! I've made some in the past... these are much cuter!

  2. at first I thought you were talking about tissue boxes...foolish me!
    these are wonderful - I have lots of fabric scraps - what a great use for them
    thanks for sharing

  3. That's such a fabulous idea - and they're so gorgeous!

  4. They look so comforting . . . love your photography.

  5. That's absolutely wonderful! What about making tissue covers from hankies of a favorite grannie for all of the grandkids?

  6. These are lovely and look so pretty in the brown box with a bow! What a great idea to use hankies! The colors fit right into the autumn season.

  7. such a special and lovely way to give precious fabrics a new lease on life Jill...brilliant use of those great fabrics you rescued!

    I like the way you take off and make lots of something!

    Happy weekend to you and yours.

  8. Jill I love that you sewed these up from used clothing. I have some things that I can't seem to part with because the fabric is so beautiful and this is a great use for it.
    Thank you so much for this inspiration. I have been looking for things to start making for friends for Christmas.
    hugs from here...

  9. These are wonderful! What a great idea.

  10. Super cute - the fabrics really make it ... Perfect gift idea too ..

    Cute book cover box ;)

  11. these are really so pretty .. and the perfect use for garage sale treasured scraps!!

  12. they remind me of vintage hankies. My mom always used to carry a pretty floral print hankie in her pocketbook. What a nice way to rekindle that fond memory!


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