Summer in a Jar

One of my all time favorite projects was my day in a jar I posted about here.  That jar makes me happy :)

My "day in a jar" collection  has not grown until two days ago.  I was gathing up some dried flowers I had laying around here and there from this summer.  Hanging some, putting some in cans, etc. and realized how pretty some would look in a jar. 

This summer wasn't the summer I had hoped it would be in so many ways, but it was the summer God blessed in so many ways.

So, in my jar are little reminders of this summer.  A couple of flowers from my daughter's wedding, some my little gals picked, some from my garden, with a little scrap of vintage fabric tied on in a bow.

All representing so much more to me than would appear to anyone else.



  1. I love this in so many ways .......

  2. Oh my what a beautiful jar of summer.

  3. what a great idea - to remember a season or a special year...

  4. ahhh
    so beautiful
    and full to the brim with meaning and memories!

  5. What a beautiful idea. Extra special to you but I think anyone would find a memory there . . . I had daisies at my wedding.

  6. I love your idea too! Hope you have other seasons to add to it, or have you just started? Such a pretty reminder of summer

  7. Jill this is such a wonderful idea. Thank YOU!


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