Fall Mantle Update

A few weeks ago I spiffed up our mantle to reflect the season.  It was a gorgeous fall day with the windows open and I took a few pictures.  

I replaced the picture above the mantle with a mirror I bought at an auction a number of months ago.  I loved the picture that did hang above the mantle and still do, but it had hung in prominence in our home for 22 years.  It was time for a change. :)

Quite a few years ago, my older girls and I made this bead garland to decorate tables at the harvest breakfast at our church.   

We had so much fun making it, we made more out of blue and silver beads to decorate their 4-H tree that year. 

We used vintage beads from disassembled jewelry and some new beads we bought from Dollar Tree.  

It's pretty self explanatory...beads, wire, twist...but if time permits I'll try to do a little tutorial in the future.

I think white and silver bead garland would be so pretty for Christmas and winter!

I updated our other mantle too, but haven't had a chance to take pictures yet.  

Our leaves here just really started turning colors this week.  It's so pretty outside.  

Happy Fall Day!


  1. I love the mantle! Those beaded garlands are so pretty. And the plates on stands - genius!

    Thanks for your comment re "praying the wait." We're in the midst of something just now and that's what we're doing. Praying and Waiting. It's so hard, but it's the way to peace.

  2. I have the exact same low glass candle holders. I got them at an auction in Hooper, NE, several years ago...and I keep mine on the mantel with all my other glass candlesticks/holders. Very cool :)

  3. I have a similar antique clock like yours on my mantle right now. I love the fallish garland. Very pretty.


  4. it's BEAUTIFUL!!! the bead garland is gorgeous!!!

    ;-D (i still have a really long shelf waiting on you...)

    ;-D robelyn

  5. So pretty. Garland is just the right touch. I'm like u with leaving paintings up too long. I guess we just love them so.
    We have just started getting fall color and now awaiting snow.....huh?

  6. Another beautiful clock!! I love how you have stacked the crystal and crockery into candlabra of your own invention .... You are so creative!!


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