Fall Mantle Part 2

We are so blessed to have two mantles to get to decorate!  But, I will tell you that our spring mantle was the summer mantle too.  It takes a lot of time to change things out! 

The vines are honeysuckle vines from the back yard.  They last for a couple of weeks in water!  

The vine pumpkins came from Target.  I feel like I cheated with something "new", but they are so neat.

The three books on the left are Norwegian that have been translated to English.  The next book is a Bible, maybe German?  It has an incredibly beautiful font inside.

The bottle says "Old Ruxton Rye".  I'm not sure it's particularly old.  It came in a box of bottles I picked up and I just liked the color and shape.

This set of books may be the neatest I've ever picked up. They have marbled covers, but spines are in really poor shape.

I didn't care because I bought them for the textured pages...mmmm...so something...they make me happy. :)

I'm glad you stopped by!

I'm linking up with Debra and her Vintage Inspiration Friday blog party.


  1. Your mantels are beautiful! What great finds are the books and that fabulous clock. Love your daughters wire and bead garland in your earlier post.

  2. Your mantles ARE wonderful. I covet those old books...all of them.

  3. Gorgeous mantel and I love the old books. Do you think the ones with the "textured" pages were hand printed and bound?
    Happy weekend,

  4. *sigh*
    i don't have a mantle but i have a really long shelf... it's waiting for your magic touch. ;-D

    sooooooooooooo beautiful!

    ;-D robelyn

  5. I bought some of the vine pumpkins, too! Great looking mantel!

  6. I love your clocks! The center one is no-brainer gorgeous .... And the retro alarm lock under glass is so fun!

  7. I love your Fall mantle! The old books have great texture- where did you find them?


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