Fall in the Tank Garden

I have three good sized mums that I've been enjoying in the tank garden.  All three are a beautiful rusty red color.

I also had golden rod which was beautiful, but I had cut it out before I took these pictures a week or so ago.

The lace vine was almost completely eaten up by grasshoppers, but once they dispersed it came back.  That vine and one of my hyacinth bean vines completely covered my bed frame trellis.

This is the first year for this vine and considering the grasshoppers, I was pretty pleased with how it performed.  It's planted in a rusty barrel so we'll see if it makes it through the winter.

I never got my mulch in or the doors mounted like I'd hoped this fall, and it's not looking promising to get at it yet.  Oh well! I guess it will be a spring project.  So it goes. 

The sun is shining brightly today, but I had to turn the furnace on this morning. I was trying to tough it out! 

Happy Saturday!


  1. lovely as always - that red is a great pop of color!

  2. I love the reds and rusts ... Autumns colors are such a contrast with the blue blue sky and the chill in the air ... Perfect balance.

    For autumn mulch we just leave the dead plants where they are and they mulch themslves. We save fall cleanup for the spring.

  3. Beautiful color in your fall garden. I'm working in mine today - it's a gorgeous sunny day.

  4. Love your blog. I am a new follower via Back 2 Vintage! Please visit me over a the palace. Tiffany from The Cranky Queen

  5. I love the contrast of the pretty mum's against the rustic crate!

  6. Absolutely brilliant fall photos...
    what a bloomingly lovely garden you have there !!!

  7. Oh my, how beautiful the tank garden has become. Someday I want to visit it in person!

  8. Wow, your tank garden has really pulled out all the stops, magnificent reds, stunning!! Mx


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