Friday Sneak Peek

This week I'm linking up with a new blogger I found a couple of weeks ago, Jennifer at studio jru 
She hosts:

and states that the studio is wherever you create.  My place is usually my sewing room, but often the kitchen counter, garage, barn...

I thought this stained feed sack needed a tree, and it did.  For a while I thought it needed leaves, it didn't.

The leaves have since found their way to a bare branch in our foyer.  The tree is just going to be pinned up on the wall for awhile.  Sometimes a project is just an exercise and that can be a good thing too.

I hope you have a great fall weekend!

You can peak at other projects here.


  1. Sometimes a project can just be an exercise which is definitely wonderful. Love your tree on that feed sack. I also love those pretty leaves!

  2. Love the free motion stitching...I like to play with sewing in my mixed media, too, but haven't done much of it lately....maybe just a few leaves? Of the paper made into cloth variety?

    I love it either way!

  3. thank you for joining up with the ladies at studio JRU.

  4. I think it's great! Love upcycling projects! Patsy from

  5. I wish our feed came in noteworthy sacks
    Maybe we just don't have the right animals,lol.

  6. So happy you joined us Jill! I love that your studio moves around... that is how it works around here too! Love, love the tree on a feed sack. What a pretty wall hanging! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  7. Your tree with our without leaves is enchanting Jill...I need to get my sewing machine fixed once and for all...very inspiring!

  8. I love your tree Jill, sometimes you've just got to do it to know it Mx

  9. I love how you do the stitching... have I told you that? It is GORGEOUS!!!

    ;-D robelyn


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