Saturday Digest

image from Lisa's Etsy shop

I bought my jewelry for my daughter's wedding from WildStone Jewels on Etsy.  I just loved it and Lisa was so very nice to work with.  I found the necklace and asked her to make me a bracelet and earrings to match, with me choosing the elements for both.  Once I ordered it, I believe she had it in the mail the next day!  All very reasonably priced!  She has another necklace I'm eyeing too...

Harvest colored snack mix in a vintage jar :) 

Recipe found here.  My advice is to put in about 6-7 times the amount of pretzels.  At least.  Maybe more.  I also used graham cracker bears instead of chocolate grahams,added chocolate chips, and left out the caramel corn...just because I made do with what I could find here in town.

Today, the jar is empty.  And, the kids ate very little.

I hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. No way! I made this last night from the same

    except I left out the chocolate grahams and no chocolate chips and loved the popcorn in it...It is very good and the Gathering group will be munching.
    I'm off to organize a garage in high 90's heat...sigh...

  2. Pretty necklace ... I love the big chain links!

    I put out a terra cotta pot of candy corn yesterday ... Gone!

    Happy October :)

  3. Beautiful jewelry.

    I have got to STOP snacking! This doesn't help! But I'll bet my family would love it.

  4. LOVE the jar of Fall Mix. So pretty to sit out on a counter.

    Pretty necklace. I bet you'll enjoy wearing it in a lot of places.


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