Mosaic Monday

The weather this weekend was gorgeous!  I had a chance to wander in a corn field and visit a country antique shop near my home spend time with my family...all very good :)

I'm linking up with Mary for Mosaic Monday


  1. Yes it is fall and corn time. Just love the shots and the way you grouped and lighted them.

  2. very pretty fall mosaic.. I lived on a farm as a young girl and my sister nd I would wander through the corn fields

  3. Gorgeous mosaic - full of the golden goodness of autumn. The light is stunning

  4. the images are wonderful - it does look like you had a gorgeous weekend! what program did you use to get your colorful border - it all looks so great!
    I'm having a problem commenting lately when I use my google hope this works!

  5. I so enjoy how you elevate the humblest things to Art!

    the sun kissed corn makes me hungry too...late for breakfast here ;)



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