Story Time: Peter's Wagon

I picked up this book (from 1968) a number of years ago; I'm thinking it came in a box of books at an auction.  If you are a collector, re-purposer, scavenger, or junker, I think it will make you smile and warm your heart like it does mine!  I came across it the other day again and decided to share it here. :)











I did a quick search and found nothing about the author.  You do want to believe that this was based on someone she knew don't you?  Her own son or herself maybe?

I hope you enjoyed it too! 


Last Saturday my little girls and I went up to the farm for a bit.

They were excited to ride in the truck and then they hopped in the combine with their uncle.

I hung out with my husband in the truck.  Wearing my favorite boots. :)

Drinking coffee out of my favorite vintage thermos.

And, taking pictures.  It was great!!

We brought home a few more pods of milkweed seeds.  Love them!

And, my girls are hoping to make some corn husk dolls.  We never got to it last year so hopefully....this year...maybe?!

This is an Instagram video of Bonnie teaching the girls to make corn husk dolls two years ago.
Oh gosh *poof* goes the time!

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Saturday Digest

►I made a Parliament of Pretzel Owls two years ago and posted the "how to" in this post.  Maybe you'd like to make some this fall?!

► For crafting with kids:  Lots of fun stuff here at "Make It Your Own".

►I discovered this artist through Instagram:  Alicia Harvey:  Her colorblock portraits at first glance are neat pop art, but at second glance I realized how I could see the personality in each of her subjects all through blocks of color without the drawing details.  Wow!!

~We are off to ride in the combine for a bit before heading to another marching band competition.  Have a great weekend!~

Saturday Digest

►A friend sent me a cute picture of pumpkins with keys spelling out "Fall" and so I gave it a go too.
Now, the picture she sent was much cuter with fall leaves and white pumpkins.  BUT, this is 'all I got' so to speak.  And, this is it for decorations around here too.  Four pumpkins.  Ten keys.  But, it's a start and pretty fun!

►I found the Etsy shop, The Wheatfield, this week.  This print and this one are the ones that grabbed me the most, but all are so wonderful!

All these pieces are created by Laura Spector out of Bittersweet Vines.  Like the vines growing outside my back door!  

►We are off to watch one of my girls in a marching band competition today and my oldest girls are at the infamous Junkstock in Omaha. I was able to go three years ago and posted here and here about our trip. I'm looking forward to hearing about their day and buys!

Have a great weekend!

The Value of Presence

I came across a website called Caritas Podcasts a week or so ago.  I've listened to a couple of the podcasts while cleaning. The theme of the podcasts is learning to live a spiritual life in the secular world. It was great; I put it on my phone (wifi connection), slipped it in my back pocket, and I could listen no matter where I went in the house.    I know all of you have probably been doing this kind of thing for quite awhile, but I'm a little slow sometimes....ha! Anyway, I see a lot more podcasts in my future.  
One of the ones I listened to today was with Teresa Burns, their 5th podcast.  Teresa works here at a shelter for abused women. What she said really struck me and when I got the time to go to the computer I made this print of her words with a picture of some verbena from my garden. 

Really.  It is humility, knowing our limitations.  It's putting our faith in God and not ourselves.  And, look how the burden is lifted from yourself when you do that.
And, the value of presence.  Yes.  Gosh.  Wonderful.
The flip side of this quote is also powerful.  No one person can fulfill all your needs in your life.
I loved this. 
I hope you do too.

Thank you to Elise and Brigid for these podcasts! The links will take you to their own blogs.  It's great to hear others share their faith!

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