Saturday Digest

►A friend sent me a cute picture of pumpkins with keys spelling out "Fall" and so I gave it a go too.
Now, the picture she sent was much cuter with fall leaves and white pumpkins.  BUT, this is 'all I got' so to speak.  And, this is it for decorations around here too.  Four pumpkins.  Ten keys.  But, it's a start and pretty fun!

►I found the Etsy shop, The Wheatfield, this week.  This print and this one are the ones that grabbed me the most, but all are so wonderful!

All these pieces are created by Laura Spector out of Bittersweet Vines.  Like the vines growing outside my back door!  

►We are off to watch one of my girls in a marching band competition today and my oldest girls are at the infamous Junkstock in Omaha. I was able to go three years ago and posted here and here about our trip. I'm looking forward to hearing about their day and buys!

Have a great weekend!


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