Last Saturday my little girls and I went up to the farm for a bit.

They were excited to ride in the truck and then they hopped in the combine with their uncle.

I hung out with my husband in the truck.  Wearing my favorite boots. :)

Drinking coffee out of my favorite vintage thermos.

And, taking pictures.  It was great!!

We brought home a few more pods of milkweed seeds.  Love them!

And, my girls are hoping to make some corn husk dolls.  We never got to it last year so hopefully....this year...maybe?!

This is an Instagram video of Bonnie teaching the girls to make corn husk dolls two years ago.
Oh gosh *poof* goes the time!

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  1. Lovely atmospheric photos and peek into farm life Jill!
    I love the silky soft feel of the milkweed inside the pods.
    Happy end of October oxo


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