Day in A Jar

I'm obsessed with leaf skeletons. I'm also determined to figure out what the best time of year is to find them. Will and I were out in March on a mild day looking and spent about an hour sifting through leaf debris by one of the marshy areas on our place. It is so serene to sit in the trees and be on a mission that means nothing, but everything all at once.

I took a lot of pictures the night we found a box full of skeletons, but the pictures sit on the disc. Today I found the box on top of the freezer when I was cleaning. It occurred to me that it would be great to save these in---what else----but a jar. Kind of like a scrap book, a memento, was a really good day with my son and now the day is in a jar in my laundry room. I filled a jar for him too for his room. I'm not sure what his reaction will be.

I used one of my old typewriters to label the jars with the date we gathered these. (Just happened to be my Mom's birthday!)

I can see my day collection growing. Maybe the items we gather on a walk or perhaps odd mementos from a vacation; napkins, ticket stubs, fast food sacks, anything.


  1. Beautiful! I love how you added the typewriter date...perfect touch!

  2. Is this the burnt cookies post? :)

  3. The typewriter lable is our favorite part too!!
    Thought we'd stop by & say hello!!
    Hope all is going well!
    Karla & Karrie

  4. What a cool idea! I just love the tiny time capsule aspect of this, and the great use of the primitive canning jar. I really think this would make a fabulous gift for a child on their wedding day--a jar created from the day they were born. You really could expand this and do it for any occasion.

    Those leave skeletons are beautiful. Imagine one or two in a simple frame. The bones of a tree...


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