Let's Hear It For Family!

Now you see it...(dead tree)

Now you don't!! I accommodate easily to most everything. I really never paid attention to the dead try behind our yard. Now that it's gone, you can see how bad it really looked.

The "Before" --Messy and dying trees on the South side of our barn. What was worse than the way they looked was that they had gotten tall enough they were shading our garden.

My brother, sister-in-law, Mom, and nephew came and down the trees came.

I wish you could have heard when they fell. It was really awesome.

The "After". I'm usually sad when people take out trees. Not this time. This was a mess and will look so much better once we level it, etc. Not having the trees there to hide junk I don't know what to do with though could be a problem. We have no shortage of trees however. I'll try to not just move the junk further away (may be too late!)

AND--LOOK at this!! My son held this up to show me this neat stump from one of the cedar trees we cut out. It's a perfect bunny.

Here's the one still in the ground. Twin bunnies! At least this kind won't eat our garden or plants.


  1. Hey...can you send that crew to my house? LOL That looks FANTASTIC! I'm always sad to see trees go too, but I can see why you would give 'em up for some bunnies!!! Those are good ones to have around!

    I'm drooling over your big red barn too!!! :-)

  2. Huge job well done. Way to go!!

    Looks much better without the dead trees.

    Those bunnies are just awesome! It is amazing that a tree can grow that perfect. I'm sure you are saving it, aren't you?


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