The Right Tool Can Be Sweet

When my brother built our house one of his sayings that he got us started on was, "Any tool can be the right tool." --Usually when Jim and I were fumbling around helping. We've repeated that many times in the past years when you just have to make do with what you have...BUT sometimes the right tool is really SWEET!
Take this cuisenart chopper we got for Christmas. (Kinda forgot I had it until the other day.)

I make deviled eggs often. Especially take them to potlucks because my kids love them and I have a great tupperware carrier for them. I've tried all different kinds of "tools" to chop the yolks and they are always lumpy. Oh my goodness this little chopper made quick work of it!

AND this awesome tool, my friend Teri gave me a few years back as a birthday gift. It's a Wilton pastry, filling, dessert, something or other and I use it a lot.

(Oops pics out of order) It makes the eggs look great. Even if the yolks were lumpy before---

These went to a friend's graduation party for her daughter. Any favorite tools you have? Ones that are worth the effort to get out and clean up? Tell me about any of them--we like power tools for any projects around here!


  1. ok, this is sorta kinda a quasi tool....but my apple slicer. we registered for a niiiiice one for our wedding. the handles are rubber and when i turned it over for the first time to pop out the apple slices, i cut my finger. it's that sharp. i use it all the time. but i also use a knife now to pop out the apples.

  2. Immersion blender, probably spelled wrong, but it is the greatest. Especially for tomato juice canning!!! Love it, even if it was a gift to my husband.


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