Some of THE GOODS from the Auction

Since we got there so late, we saw nothing ahead of time. At one point in the auction (after I had 2 big piles) they said they were going out to the barn to sell "the primitives". I wasn't too excited because although I love primitive furniture---that's high end prices---not my thing. It wasn't primitives at all. When we got out there, it was JUNK!! I was excited.

Two flatbeds of rusty crusty broken items which I love and did buy but if you looked close there were some real gems. Like these two tubs of hardware. One was hooks and knobs and one was casters. I haven't seen a repurpose for casters yet but I'm thinking and on the lookout. Any ideas???

Green and Red knobs!

There are 100 hooks alone in that red ice cream bucket. I paid $30 for the whole tub which had the bucket plus knobs and hardware. That was the highest item on the flatbed. Everything else went super cheap. I'll have more pics soon.

This suitcase was inside and it had about a dozen vintage black and white photos in it.
To answer Laurie's question about auction prices. This one was better than reasonable. I went to one a week ago on Tues. that the high end glass pieces went way over market prices!! AND it was FILTHY-. You just never know. I don't buy high end glass so it didn't effect me.


  1. I love all the hardware. You are so lucky to have gotten all this stuff for $30!!! The truck looks loaded, don't think you could have fit any more into the truck. Love to hear when junkers get great stuff at great prices. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my gosh....i'm speechless because i'm drooling over the great piles....

    awesome finds!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi! I had to give you a "happy tag" because your blog makes me happy to read!!! Go check it out! :-)

    Now - what are you playing with today? I'm still drooling over the piles....


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