What a Weekend!

I don't even know what to say. This is a small portion of what I picked up Sat. while garage sale-ing. I have a big stack of vintage fabric that almost brings tears to my eyes that I picked up at two different sales.

Then there was TODAY--I remembered right before we went to church that "oh yeah-there was an auction in Leigh today" A huge two day antique auction.

We didn't get there until noon of the second day (today) and it started at 9 am. My husband came with me today! I told him on the way up--and I'm quoting myself--"I have no expectations. In fact I think there is a good chance we'll leave with nothing."

This is the little space I sat in on the way home.

The thing is--the pickup isn't just full. It's PACKED. We dumped all the boxes so every little nook and cranny is filled so we could fit it all in.


Won't the twirly thing be AWESOME in the garden?! We would have bought more if we could have hauled it.

My husband is out golfing now. With our son who babysat for us.


  1. holy moses jill! i love it! i am excited to see more. it gives me shivers that you scored that much loot. i have been there. "let's just stay for a while, i dont need to get much." is my usual tagline.

  2. I am drooling! I seriously need to come visit you in Nebraska. You find the greatest junk! My dad is an auctioneer in CO, but I have not been to an auction in forever.

  3. When I see a load like this, I feel so wet behind the thrifting ears! I'm working on a whole TWO pieces I found a week ago. I'll get my thrifting wings one day, I just know it! Great score, Jill!

  4. HOLY COW Woman! That is amazing - will you hang some dangly things off the twirly thing in the garden? You did great - Is it time to open a shop at your place yet??? I'll be there. Now I'm going back to your post to look some more...

  5. OMG!!

    Ok, ask me just how JEALOUS I am?!!!!!


    Now you need to post individual pictures of everything!! PLEASE! :)

  6. Wow! I would love to shop from that pile! I see many things that I'd want! How are the auction prices these days? I haven't been to any auctions in a long time. I keep going back to look at your post and see new things each time!

  7. LOL I love it!!!!!!!!! It looks like SO much fun - just in the back of your truck!!! I want one of the twirly things for my coffee table!!!

    SO much fun!!!

  8. Oh my gosh. I was scanning your blog since I haven't been doing so in months and saw your load here, and then read this sale was in Leigh, and my heart dropped. Actually, tears came. This would have been our dear antique lady, Evelyn. We would visit her as often as we could or when we could afford to. Anything marked "Bob" was her son's and she didn't bargain a whole lot, but her stuff, she would knock down the price without you even thinking of asking. She loved the kids and Riley loved going there and finding treasures too. She basically gave him two tubs of Lincoln logs. Sadly, she had a stroke and was down by Lincoln somewhere for a couple of years. I was hoping her son Bob would have kept the store open somehow, but in her obituary I saw he had died before her. Her other son had died years ago and was a coach at Columbus Lakeview. Her husband had been gone for quite a while and think she just had a daughter left in Kansas. Always wanted to call Bill's Bar in Leigh to see what they were going to do with her stuff. You could barely walk through the one shop. Always sooo fun. I could always call Bill's Bar and find out where Evelyn was. I miss her, and it was probably a good thing we missed her sale..... too tempting and too sad.


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