More Auction Pictures

Rusty but neat tv tray--rolling pin--

Copper boiler--etc.--two old fly swatters there on the right-- This auction was an antique store that the family had passes away so there were price tags on a lot of items. Really interesting to see what they were priced.

Copper bucket and some type of old map metal tube.

That IS a fake bird. Why do they sometimes have those in these old bird cages? Did people buy a fake bird to keep the real one company?

Keep? Sell? Keep? Sell?

One of my collections is alluminum coffee pots. I bet there were 10 or more in my pile. I will sell some though.

SO excited about this. Any guesses what it is? Brass window screen. Why would this be made? I think it will be great for altered art projects. In the craft stores brass is expensive!! This wasn't.

My surprise gem: in the big pile on the flat bed at the end of "choice" --the really big pile for $1 (how could you not buy the pile for $1?) -- Yeah I know most of the world would walk away saying "how could you buy the pile for $1?".--Anyway-- in the pile-- when I went through it was this bag of calf leather. Two full skins, one half skin, and a bunch of scraps. Yeah!! Perfect for altered art projects! Perfect.

After some sorting. Sorry for the blurry picture. It was pretty dark.

Box of wood parts.

So much more, so little time to photograph it all....See anything you want? Email me and we can talk.


  1. Yup, those fake birds ARE bought to keep a bird company!
    Budgies love to be in pairs and can get quite lonely if the owner doesn't handle it everyday. People dont always want a 2nd bugdgie, because of the noise, feathers (when they lose their feathers, a few times a year), food, cost, whatever. So, they get a toy budgie. Budgies don't know the difference between it and a real bird, go figure!
    The same goes for mirrors, too. My budgies love to sit in front of my mirrors and 'kiss', talk and look at "the other bird", aka themselves in the mirror!!

  2. I'm still speechless. Your haul is amazing. what will you do with those wood shapes?

  3. I love all the things you got! do you have a booth somewhere? Do you do a sale somewhere? Your stash is getting thick! Let me know if you sell anywhere.

  4. KEEP the bird cage and hang a chandelier made from silver forks in it! LOL Maybe add the fake bird - just for laughs!

    I am so jealous - and please do you keep your work space so organized? My shelves have as much falling off of them as they do stacked ON them!!!

    Green with envy in Texas...

    :-) Robelyn

  5. Thanks for your sweet comments ~ I'm keepin' at it!

    What fabulous treasures, always the dilema ~ save, keep, sell! Can't help you with that one! I just went to an auction weds night and could have bought so much stuff (my son works for the auctioneer - but everything's sold in lots, and I'm not a dealer.) I can see it could be something one just slips into though - lol!

    xo Heidi

  6. speechless. and for an auction haul to leave me speechless is quite a feat. and i'm with rachel...what ARE you going to do with those wood shapes....they are quite the neato dealio.

    kindred. i know your complete euphoria as you went through this stuff. i know because i know how i would be.

    and the bird cage...keep. at least for a season or two.

  7. Love all that junk.... I am a sucker for old scales! Tootles, Janna


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