The Spray Painting Continues

I picked this set of lockers up at a garage sale for $3 a few weeks ago. (I thought about taking pictures of it after I had laid it down to power wash it and was too lazy to pick it up for the picture.) They had been painted off white with lots of wear and some drips-- so time to repaint.

I chose a hammered metal spray paint and I really like how they turned out! It took two cans of primer and two cans of the hammered metal paint to cover it and the inside is only lightly coated. Oh well, "good enough for who it's for..." ( a saying from my brother when we built our house!) These are in our basement now and I will probably move them to the storage room. When I can get in the storage room that is.

My recommendation if you are going to spray paint a lot--as in 4 cans of paint on one project--or if you have to go somewhere where it will look tacky for your index finger to be tipped in gray--is to get one of these spay can adapters. My husband thought I should try this, worth the $2.50 for it he thought. He was right. Wow, what a relief for your finger and hand! It just pops on the can and you are spraying with ease. It really looks like it should hold up for possibly years of use too.


  1. Love the lockers! I bought several a couple years ago. The school district was having an auction. They were selling huge locker sections at a time. Men were just buying them super-cheap and then taking them to the salvage yard and selling them. I really had to convince them to sell a smaller section. The auctioneer acted like I was wasting his time. Anyway, now there are two lockers in my boys' "vintage sports" bedroom and several in our carport holding garden tools, outdoor gear, etc.

  2. awesome! *jealous* i love them. they turned out great. thanks for the tip...and only $2.50! i will get an adapter for sure. i hate having pointer finger cramp.

  3. Lockers?! Genius-I could certainly use a few sets in the garage.What a great way to store stuff. (I was homeschooled-never would've thought about lockers!)Too cool!

  4. Wow! What a great find - and such a useful storage unit. Are you going to hang pink mirrors and pictures of boys on the inside?


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