Garden Cart

This was one of the no bid items at the auction I talked about in this post when I started my new collection of zippers. I gave $.25 for this when I went through the no bid pile and I was quite excited about it.

Washed, primed, and painted----it now sits on our front porch. It still needs "dressing up" so to speak but this is all I had time for at the moment.

The "teapot and cups" are much cuter in person. I made these a few years back after my sister- in- law, Danita told me how she and her daughter, Jennifer had seen something like it in a store and they went home and made some themselves! She gave me the directions.

The "teapot" is an upside down terracotta flower pot. This is an 8" azalia pot I believe. I covered it with chicken wire and sphagnum moss. The handle and spout are just shaped out of the chicken wire and filled with the sphagnum. I sponged some green paint here and there around it. The cups are upright small terracotta pots covered in the same manner.

This is the underside of the teapot to give you a better idea of how it goes together. The great thing is- the chicken wire holds it all together even if one of the pots breaks! (One of my cups has been broken for sometime now, but it still holds it's shape.) Please let me know if you make yourself a set and send me a picture. I'd also like to hear any suggestions for improving or changing the set.


  1. Now that's a steal! I have a few pieces at home that were either thrift or yard sale steals...after a bit of love and magic, I must say they are now a few of my favorite things. *wink*

  2. kindred. i have one of those carts...with only two shelves. i left it black...probably because i am lazy. or i just didn't have any ideas...until NOW!


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