A Scrappy Advent Calendar

 Well here is the opened and counted down Advent Calendar I posted about here. I took pictures of it before I sent it off.

 It has all been opened and taking up it's residence in my friend's home. ♥

It is a complete hodgepodge.  And I love it that way. :)

"Hodgepodge" is a great word, isn't it?

I made all the tags by collaging bits on book pages, then I decided to back them in vintage music pages.  I used hymnal pages and words along with vintage wall paper. 

I used a tag punch to create the tags from the larger collaged pieces.  Then I added the buttons and words.

So each envelope (that you can see in this post) held a tag and a "dangle".  I wasn't sure what else to call them as they aren't quite ornaments.  They are though, indeed, dangles.

There is a little of everything included in the dangles.  Vintage belt buckles, rhinestone pins, buttons, new beads, silk sari ribbon, crocheted bits, ball chain, vintage jewelry pieces, a soldered necklace pendant, and on.....

With all the little bits and what-not that I have, I could make a lot of Advent Calendars!

I hope this inspires you to make one for yourself or a friend! 


  1. You have a very, very lucky friend!!! That's absolutely amazing, Jill.

  2. What a great way to use up bits and pieces of everything. These would be awesome ornaments too.

  3. I especially like the words you've chosen to include on the tags.

  4. what a wonderful creation! I would like to make one myself, thank you for sharing

  5. I love this! I'm going to try to make one (or three) for giving away this year. Thank you for sharing.


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