I am avoiding more work that needs to be done here so thought I'd edit a few pictures from our son's college graduation this past Saturday.  What a great day and event to celebrate!

There he is on the big screen as we were too far away to actually see him on stage, but for a dot.  I have to admit I took a few pictures of other bearded graduates before he got up there!  All of us were having trouble identifying him.  "There he is!" One of us would say and I'd click a picture.  "No, that's not him!"  And again...and again....until "THAT'S HIM!!" (All unknown bearded graduates have been deleted from my computer, ha!!)

The whole ceremony was so nice.  The Star Spangled Banner was sung beautifully and the Chancellor asked everyone to stand and remove their hats and there wasn't a peep from the crowd until she was done singing.  Then after the diplomas were handed out he asked different groups to stand.  What graduates were from Nebraska?  What graduates were from other states in the USA?  What graduates were from other countries?  (LOTS!)  What graduates were first generation college graduates?

The beauty of the freedom we have here to get a good education (or to not go to college if that's your choice) was evident this day. I have to say, that as big of a proponent of education that I am, I am just as big of a proponent for those choosing to not go to college.  That choice needs to be respected. A person's value does not come from their degree.

 That freedom filled me with gratitude! And you knew the whole stadium was filled with it too.

UNL stadium in the background.

A graduate and his five sisters. ♥

Three down, three to go!
(I had no idea I would be so emotional, but I was.)

We stopped at a favorite Pub of Will's for a celebratory drink and ended up staying there to eat.  We had the place almost to ourselves.

I still have a can of Guinness in the cupboard from before Jim died.  A favorite of his.  (Now of Will's too.)

Irish food!  Lots of potato dishes on the menu and so good.

Such a fun and cozy place to hang out for awhile!

Of course now the job hunt is on in the mechanical engineering field, but in the mean time he will be perfecting his pretzel making and bread baking skills and we will be his test tasters. :) 

Now, back to Christmas preparations.


  1. Congratulations to your son! It must have been an exciting day. I wish him fun baking pretzels and bread and good luck with the job search.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Congratulation s to your son! May he succeed in all he chooses to do! It looks like it was a lovely celebration, you have a beautiful family, Jill!


  3. Congratulations on another graduate. I agree with you, it is the person's choice to go to college or not. Some jobs just don't need to have $50,000+ spend just for a piece of paper.


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