Merry Christmas!!

Well, the day has passed, but the season is upon us and we can celebrate until Epiphany!  I think the days after Christmas are the best days.  There is a relaxing and letting go of all the "things to think about" and you can spend time in the stable by the manger.  Every year I strive to grow in my understanding of this mystery. (Inch by inch we grow!) He was born as he was, into poverty and humble surroundings, so that we can find Him in our own poverty and places where we lack. So my striving then turns more to just being.  Being who I am and acknowledging all those places where there is still darkness and his light needs to shine. Revealing those places to him is your gift to him.

Maybe your advent was too full of worldly things to really prepare for his coming, but it's not too late.  You can still stop and look around your own heart and see where that little sweet baby is nudging and shining new light.  

Isn't that just so very beautiful?  

We took our family picture back in October for our Christmas card. Yesterday, I was out with my husband gathering firewood and walked in the same place as this picture was taken.  So funny to think of how it changes so dramatically. Yesterday is was only 6 degrees here!!  We'd talked about getting wood ready when our fall days were in the 60s, but apparently there wasn't enough sport in that for us!  Plus I gave my husband a chain saw sharpener for Christmas so sharpening the saw became a Christmas Day project. 

This is a favorite "outtake" from our picture taking session!

Peace to you all!


  1. You have such a beautiful, happy family!

    Jane x

  2. These days after Christmas are indeed restful and beautiful ones, so suited to reflection. Your family is lovely! The outtake is great!


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