An Advent Calendar Preview

A long time ago my sister in law emailed me a picture of an advent calendar hanging from a branch. I saved the image (I'm sorry I don't know who was the source) and finally this year I was able to make one of my own!

For now though, you just get a preview as this was all mailed off to a friend and I don't want to reveal more than she has already seen. :) 

I found these thin, tall envelopes at Hobby Lobby and thought they were pretty perfect. They open at the top, not the side. Sewing my own envelopes would have been more perfect, but that time thing you know....

The branch is actually a bunch of bittersweet vines that all grew together and when I went out to find a good branch for my project, I realized how wonderful the vines would be instead. 

The red "ribbons" are actually fabric scraps from a rag ball intended for use in a rag rug from the 1930s or 40s.  I bought a big box of authentic rag balls years and years ago at an auction.  I pull of little bits from them here and there.  The red ball is almost gone now because it's such a great shade of red.

This is definitely a scrappy kind of project (the content of the envelopes) so those scrappy ties are just right.

Some day I may make one for myself to keep, but then there wouldn't be a surprise in opening up the envelopes would there? Unless I made it in August or so because I'd forget what I had in there in 3-4 months easily!  Any of you have that problem?  Good grief I'm forgetful.

I hope your advent is starting off full of peace. 


  1. This is a lovely project to send to a friend. Simple and elegant. Love the intertwined bittersweet vines - it speaks to me of friendship and community.

  2. A delightful idea I'd love to use for the grandlittles one day. What sort of treats are inside your little bags?

    Happy Holidays, Jill!


  3. Oh my goodness I love this!! I saw something like it and wanted to make it...but the time slipped away. I think I'm going to try making a few of them throughout the year. I'm forgetful too though...we'll see how it goes.

  4. That's too wonderful for words!!!!

  5. You always make your projects look amazing. Love your Advent calendar.

  6. I'm sure your friend absolutely loves her advent calendar. Using the intertwined vines was a lovely idea. It makes it look so rusticly gorgeous

  7. It would be fun to make a set of 12, one for each month. Then over a period of a year, open an envelope a month in celebration of a particular holiday that falls in that month.


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