On This Date: in 1967 and 1969

This morning thinking about the cold (the forecast here is a high of 1 and low of -10 today and colder yet tomorrow), the end of the year, and the beginning of the new year led me to go look at my parents' old calendars again. I posted about them before here. I was wondering what they were up to on December 30th.

In 1967 the 30th was also on a Saturday.
And, it was cold.  So states my Dad, "Cold." He notes it was -15 degrees.

He went bowling as was their recreation on Saturdays (and Thursdays?) for many years. I'm not sure if in 1967 my Mom was bowling on Saturdays yet.  I would have only been 3 and was the youngest of 6. 

The car froze and had to be pulled home.  I'd love more details here.  Who pulled it home?  And he would have obviously had to walk to get a ride from someone.  No cell phones.....

1969 was even colder and a terribly sad occurrence is noted.

-16 degrees 

Dad notes that 3 kids froze south of Coleridge.  Mom adds "to death".  
I can imagine her worry about us kids.

I tried doing a newspaper archive search to find out more about that, but didn't get very far.

Stay safe if you are out in the cold.


I hope God sends so many beautiful blessings to all of you in 2018!!

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Very interesting to have these notes. I really love mementos. Its so sad about the children. I'm grateful we are better informed these days; shelters, people checking on the elderly, a little give on gas bills.

    Stay warm yourself. And button up when you go outdoors. :)


  2. Blessings to all of you, too, dear Jill!

    What a beautiful gift your parents left - would be so nice if all of us would do the same. It takes so little effort, just a couple of minutes here and there would mean the world to others years from now.

  3. Oh I love finding these old things...just like looking through a doorway into an everyday life.


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