February 9, 1964

 My parents, but mostly my Dad, kept a journal for years and years on the free calendars that the bank and seed companies gave out.

I have some of them now and hope to scan some pages to keep in a digital state.

A lot of the entries were written in pencil so are kind of faded.  

It's really quite something to read an entry from the day I was born.  And to see what was happening on the days around it.  Short and to the point is how he kept the journal. I let my imagination and my knowledge of our home and the people fill in the blanks.

The entries:
Sun. Feb. 9th: took kids to church. They went home with O.W. (my maternal grandfather, presumably my grandmother was there too) Van had 8lb 3oz girl at 11:20P.M. O.W. stayed with kids while we were in Wayne. (My Mom's name is Vandelyn but Dad rarely called her Van, only in the journal.)
Mon. Feb. 10th: snowed last night 2".
Went to Wayne. P.M. Roads slick.
Tues. Feb. 11th: Helped Dean shell corn. (Mom writes in later Mrs. Fuoss sent buns) Norma sent rolls over, Joyce brought cake. Carolyn sent supper home with me. Roy's stayed with kids while I bowled. 
Wed. Feb. 12th: I went to Nelsons for dinner and then to Wayne.  Ethel brought brownies Darleen brought cake. We went to O.W. for supper.
Thurs Feb. 13th: Went to Wayne Had supper with Dirks. LEft kids there while I went to Wayne. Joyce had folks over for lunch for Paulette's birthday. (my sister who is 9 years older than me.) 
Fri Feb. 14th: Went to S City with Dorothy to get Bob. I left the kids at Glens while I went up to see Van.
Sat. Feb 15th: Brought Van and Jill home from hospital. O.W. were here when we came home. Mom brought cookies.

Sun Feb. 16th: Van has to be in bed-leg-  (she had trouble with blood clots from her varicose veins)
L.B came up and Dad and 2 of Bobs kids stopped. O.W. here after lunch. Blanche brought cookies and banana bread
Mon Feb 17th: Really nice. Joyce came P.M. Lucile was here to scrub she brougth rolls and brownies. Esther sent biscuits and apple dessert. Dad had a wreck at his lane. Roys came over Roy and Bud went to hosp to see Dad

Tues Feb 18th: 2 batches shelled 850 bu (bushels) from south pile. Went to Wayne to see dad. Phyllis baked rolls and fed shellers. Avis brought over rolls.
Wed Feb. 19th: Baby is real good. (Of course!) Darlene D. came over brought rolls.
Thurs Feb 20th: Don's here for lunch brought cupcakes. Same as every other day. Sorted clothes. Bud washed. Evonne, Diane, Denise came over, she brought cookies, yellow suit for Jill. Bud kids went to Wayne, Allan stayed home.
Fri Feb 21st: Mom came over Dad went to Norfolk. She brought coffee ring. Bob and Dorothy and Joyce were here. Joe came out. Marked 255 lambs.
Sat. Feb. 22nd: sent 245 lambs to S City snowed a little getting colder called Joe.

My sister, brother, Mom and aunt Blanche are still living but the rest mentioned are all gone.  I have to wonder about Mom's mood too when she logs in "Same as every other day."  as that is her handwriting that day. 
My parents lost a baby girl, Betty, who was born prematurely at about 1 pound about 3 years before I was born.  Until this week, I had never thought before about whether or not Mom was afraid to have another baby after that.  So I asked her when she called me today. (Mom turns 90 next month.) At first, she didn't remember and then she recalled that she must have been because she hadn't bought any supplies ahead of time.  She and Dad stopped downtown Wayne to buy bottles and diapers on the way home from the hospital. So I was number 7 and there were 5 older ones at home.  With cloth diapers.  In a really, really old farm house.  I'm glad Lucile came "to scrub" for them, ha! I'm pretty sure that was my Mom's aunt.
It's interesting to look at your life from your parent's perspective now and again. 

 ~ Apparently, sweets were the common thing to bring for a new baby. :)

53 years, not so long ago. :)


  1. Such a fantastic post, Jill! I think it as great your father kept a diary like this...pretty typical for a man to keep it just the facts but still... very touching. And hey...I was born 6 days and 4 years earlier than you!

    I often wish my mom were still here so I could ask her questions. My life was chaos with my own kids and caring for her but I still wish I had asked all the questions I think of now.

    Happy Birthday!

    Jane x

  2. What a treasure to have your Dad's diary. His short, succinct entries are fodder for the imagination! Looks like you had lots of friends and family bringing goodies by when you were born. Happy Birthday!

  3. How fascinating. Makes me think what my daughter and grandchildren someday will think when they read my journals, but yet I am so glad that I write them just so they will have some perspective on the day and times. Your dad definitely focused on food, too funny.


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