Saturday Digest

►Good things:  Celebrating birthdays!  I posted a couple days ago about mine. But we also were able to help my brother celebrate his 60 years.  He and his wife were not going to just sit still and "smile at the camera" for me!  I have "in motion" photos, "in the middle of speaking" photos, but then there was this one.  A "this is them" photo.

►Science things:  I do love science.  And coffee.  This cup is cute. AND this?!  I love it, except I would change the words to "This is a worm hole to another galaxy". What a spark to the imagination, right?! And, if I was a cookie decorator extraordinaire, I'd be buying these cookie cutters! Be sure to look at the picture of the decorated cookie example.

►Creative things:  Here is a complete free tutorial on folding a heart out of an old book. Look how this blogger embellishes a chair with missing veneer.  That's one technique to remember.

►Not so good thing, but not so bad thing either: Have you heard of a  Posterior Vitreal Detachment? Apparently, it's quite common and it happened in my right eye. Of course it's age related!  So I have a bit of a blurry area and many floaters in my eye, but it should settle out with time.  I was relieved to find out that the changes I'd noticed wasn't anything serious.  I do need to go back for a follow up visit to monitor it.  One site I checked out said it happens to 75% of people.  This was new to me!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. It is a cute photo of your brother and his wife. I like science things as well...and science!


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