"Song" Bird Cloche

About a year and half ago I flipped for Cloches. I've posted about them before. Anything you put under glass rises in stature. I've given them (empty cloches) as gifts and have one stashed away yet to give in my closet. But, at a site that I frequent, Junk Revolution, the junk lovin' ladies are making their own out of cheese domes, light globes, and vases. I'm on the bandwagon now! I bought a big box of glass light fixture globes at a garage sale.

This is my first repurposed cloche. I paired the globe with a vintage plate that worked perfectly with it. Made the nest out of wire and shredded vintage sheet music that was already tattered. I shaped the eggs out of Fimo polymer clay and baked them. That clay is some fun stuff. Thought about painting them, but decided to just leave them white. (Less is more you know!) The little bird was shaped out of the same gauge of wire and glued to the sheet music with gel medium. I first made a wire bird for a bottle and posted about it here.

The little scraps of fabric are from an authentic rag ball that was rolled to use in rag rug weaving. I have quite a few of those balls in baskets in my sewing room. They have some very pretty vintage colors in them.


  1. ADORE...it!!! Great inspiation as always! Tootles, Janna

  2. I love the cloches, but I really love the wire bird and wire nest. The wire nest with the shredded paper is my favorite! It is beautiful.

  3. Jill,
    What a great job! And the nest is really sweet.


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