Saturday Digest

►Inspired by Alisa Burke's "Rustic Valentines", this was my card/token gift to my husband for Valentine's Day.
When I saw her post, I knew I already had log pieces cut just waiting for a project so I only needed to scrape off the bark and do the wood burning.

This led to more wood burning (a post for a later date) and put me on a quest for a better wood burner.  One that gets hotter and stays hotter longer.

►From the publishers of Mollie Makes comes Hoopla...get a preview here.  This magazine is promising!  I hope I can get it in the states.
►The preview above introduced me to this artist, Lucky Jackson.  I love her embroidery!!
►This book and puzzle combination looks to be most creative and clever! It's for kids, but wouldn't the adult with them love it too? (You have to look at all the images to see how the puzzle pieces are used.)

  ~I hope you are having a nice weekend~ 
I've had sick kids again so my weekend will be laying low and resting.


  1. I'm looking forward to checking out all your links after commenting here. Such a lovely rustic Valentine idea.
    I hope your kids soon improve. A quiet weekend at home sounds like just the ticket.

  2. this winter's creeping crud has hit us all HARD. Spring? Hurry Hurry!


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