Art Deco. Inspirational.

This past weekend, my family and I celebrated my birthday in "the city".  We visited the Durham MuseumI had forgotten how incredible this place was!  

It is housed in the restored Union Station in Omaha

and the Art Deco elements are inspiring to say the least.

They have quite a few bronze statues with recordings of conversations that may have happened "back in the day".

It's so easy to romanticize how wonderful these days were.  We toured the trains and it was so fun to imagine traveling on them.  It sounds great, but was probably hotter/colder/bumpier than my imagination lets me think.

Get your ticket.  What a great word.  "Ticket".  Infers you are about experience something wonderful doesn't it?

After seeing most of the museum, we stopped for an ice cream treat in the old time ice cream parlor.  

And, for popcorn....

The new traveling 1968 Exhibit was wonderful and if you are local I'd recommend it.   I really only took in a fraction of the information as my youngest girls did not share my enthusiasm for walking down memory lane, ha!  My legs are tired, when are we going to eat?  Sound familiar to any of you? We maybe should have stopped for ice cream sooner....

They wouldn't allow photography in the traveling 1968 exhibit so then I didn't take too many pictures after that.  I did stop to take this picture of a home scene from about the 1940s.  Loved this!  It's like the chair in my sewing room.

We have visited Union Stations in St. Louis and Kansas City. Omaha's is smaller yes, but still absolutely worth visiting!

My family sure thought the ceiling was grand, at least most of them, anyway!

Happy Monday to you!

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  1. Gorgeous place and what a treat to photograph. I have been to Union Station in Chicago, just as glamorous. Love those buildings with great architecture.


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