Friday Finds: An Artist, Two Quotes, and Two Blogs

I came across this quote from Antoni Gaudi a week or two ago.  And, well it's just one of those things that makes you think.

"But man does not create, he discovers."

Words to describe how we create with our Creator.

How about this from Gaudi also, 

"The Creation continues incessantly through the media of man."

Now, this even hones more into the relationship with our Creator when we create.

I found these quotes via Jeanne Oliver.

who posted from Junelle Jacobsen.

Oh my, both of these sites are brim filled with beauty.  You won't be disappointed.

Kim Klassen dot Com


  1. Both very lovely sites. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Our desire to create is, to me, evidence of our bearing the image of the Ultimate Creator - God.

  3. Beautiful image, super quotes! I LOVE visiting Jeanne Oliver's site! It's just plain dreamy!


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