Saying Goodbye to an Awesome Barn.

Last September my husband's family had a last hurrah in a barn that we are donating to the Cumming County Fairgrounds.

We celebrated the barn and the rural life with a hayrack ride and one last final barn dance.

The epitome of a rural outing...the hayrack ride!!
We had another one a month later for my mother in law's 80th birthday.

The sky was vast and gorgeous.

While on the hayrack ride, we had this view of the barn (the one on the left) and all the cars of those who came to celebrate and the cows who didn't care.

A center pivot from a neighboring farm we drove by.

When we got back, many had gathered and the sun was going down.

These are the steps going up to the vast and INCREDIBLE loft of the barn where the family had annual dances for many years.

The loft:  Truly a beautiful place.  The lighting was so low though this is the best I could do that night. There was a DJ set up in the corner and food in the other corner.  I actually didn't stay for more than a couple of dances though once they got started as I was pretty sure a late night in a barn kicking up dust would not be a good idea for our youngest two daughters who have allergies. 
The family barn dances had ended before I met my husband so this was the closest I got to going to one.

This is the horse barn under the loft.  The reason the Fair Committee wanted the barn was to restore it for historical purposes as a horse barn has become a place of the past.

A glimpse into another time and place.

Such a wonderful time and place too.

Barn doors. :)

Of course I never had to do any chores on a cold winter night in this barn either so it's pretty easy for me to romanticize it!

My husband and five of our kids (missing the oldest)

I took these last pictures on another visit to the barn after the dance.  We tossed around the idea of moving the barn to where we live now.  I had visions of how we would use it!  However, a few obstacles sat in the way like space and money, ha! 
As nice as it would be to have this barn for access whenever we wanted, it's so good that it will be restored and maintained for everyone to enjoy.  I think it will even be able to be rented out for events at the fairgrounds.
It's currently up on wheels and is scheduled to move next week.  I sure hope I can get up there to take a few pictures of it being moved. 

We still have a smaller barn and a couple of sheds.
 Maybe one of them will make the trek to our home here.  


  1. How cool is that? I guess you can still visit it in the new location - it sure is a beauty - in great shape too!

  2. I enjoyed reading about that beautiful barn!

  3. I just love this post. It reminds me of my extended family in Nebraska...the life I have never lived but visited and loved.


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