Another Driver!

It's time to start training another driver.  Now, why oh WHY did we not do it this way with the oldest three???  Up and down our lane we are going and will keep going until she gets her learner's permit.  The other kids...pretty much, lerner's permit---the street.  With lots of tension.

This time low key.
Up and down the lane.
For a year.  Off and on.
Less stress.
That's my plan, anyway. :)

And, two little observers who thought this was great fun!! 

They'll be driving.

The above mosaic was textured with Kim Klassen's texture "2811".
Check out others textured photos at Texture Tuesday.


  1. Up and down the lane sounds like a very good way to begin. Learning drivers are hard on the nerves. My daughter bought me sunflower seeds to occupy myself with while she drove. Didn't work. I still braked hard and gasped from the passenger seat.

    The two little ones look like they are having a wonderful time!

  2. oh boy do I ever remember those days!

  3. Great mosaic! I love seeing the pictures in b&w.

  4. precious smiling faces and oh boy on how fast these milestones can came around!

    I have some new driver memories burned in my memory from our boys...oh boy oh boy

    we like an PA Dutch saying that goes: Too soon old...too late schmart
    we resemble that remark fairly frequently these days ;)


  5. I found my private lessons to be instrumental in my training, and would highly recommend this driving school. I may even call them for a brush up once I'm in the vehicle I'm buying.


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