Bedroom Makeover Update: A Little Modern Swag

In some eyes, this bedroom makeover may be a slow project.  But, for us, things are moving along pretty quickly.  My husband hung the new shelves in my daughter's room last night and we have the bed set up waiting the arrival of our new mattress.
Does anyone hate mattress shopping like I do????  How do you really know what you'll like? We did discover that you can actually return a bed after 60 days if we bought the protective cover.  So we did buy the cover this time.  The new mattress is going to our room and then ours is coming up here.  It's less than a year old too though.  We need new mattresses all through the house so it will be a process of replacing them. 

Her new bedding is just waiting!

And do you see her macrame above?

I know it may seem dark, but in person that little swag in natural jute is just adorable for a teenager's room.  A little modern swag based on a 1960s craft.  Did you know macrame is back?  It is and I'm loving it.  Right along with weaving! It was inspired by A Beautiful Mess's post here. My daughter really liked the idea of jute instead of yarn like they used, so she had to modify the knots a bit. She made it.  She loves it.  I love it!  And, I had the jute from a garage sale.  :)

We are also awaiting curtains.  We bought the fabric for them a couple of  years ago as a simple sewing project for 4H for my daughter.  Well that went by the wayside and now it was up to me to sew them.  Well.  I messed up and didn't get the fabric even when I began cutting...long story...suffice it to say that I was thrilled when I went online to JC Penney and with a sale and a coupon, ordered the sheer panels she wanted for a very reasonable price shipped to the store.  And, now I have sheer white fabric to find a use for....  I believe it will be used as a swag of some sort here....

in the toy room!  It only has one window and the fabric should be enough.  If you follow along on Instagram, you know we have been also updating the toy room.  Carpets cleaned here too and a bright sun-shiny "lemon chiffon" has replaced the coffee shop taupe that was on the walls. 
The floor is littered with toys being sorted so more pictures from this room later.

That wardrobe used to hold a tv in our bedroom years ago.  We never used the tv, so at some point, it migrated up to the toy room for storage.

This room is so happy and fresh right now.  

More later as things get accomplished!

Have a great day!


  1. Lots of freshening up going on at your place. It's looking good! Jute macrame - how that takes me back.

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