Easiest Coziest Afghan You could Ever Make

Over two years ago, I posted about my daughter making a snood.  Well, the yarn choice and half double crochet stitch lives on.  After I made my self a shawl with this yarn, my son wanted an afghan from it.  The shawl is the sit at home kind...very long...bulky....warm.  It's about 3 years old now so I didn't take pictures as it's starting to show it's been loved.  Just a bit.

If you'd like to make this afghan it's so very easy.

Finished afghan size is about 42" x 74".  It's soft and stretchy so kind of hard to measure.  This really is big and will cover a 6' tall adult with great ease. (My son.)

Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA: Cambridge Tweed: 16 skeins.  I didn't say it would be the cheapest afghan you'd make.  I got my yarn at Walmart for $2.97 per skein.  Less than Amazon and other places I looked.  I had to ask them to order in the number of skeins I needed.

Begin with a slip stitch on the hook. 
Chain 63 stitches. Begin with a half double crochet in the third chain from your hook.
Half double crochet all the way across.  Chain two.  Half double crochet in each stitch all the way across.  Chain two.  Repeat.
That's it.

Add a new skein as needed and weave the ends in later.

It's such a great beginning crochet project because it goes quickly and there is no pattern to follow, but so very satisfying to make.  

And, now because I wanted my pictures to show how cozy the afghan really feels...I played just a bit.  

Looks like it could be a nice way to spend a little time.

Vintage tray...and cup.

To make yourself a shawl, just decrease the width to about 40 stitches and stop crocheting when you like the length.  Add fringe to it! :)  (Shawls do not need to be triangular.) You can make this long enough to sling it over your shoulder like this one here.  I just wasn't up to posing with mine. Ha!

Now, to box it up and send it on it's way!


  1. This sounds like a crochet project I could do. Easy and repetitive. So cozy and warm, too.

  2. A gift like this from home will be like getting a great big hug from Mom every time Will cuddles up in it! Wonderful job, Jill Ruth!! xoxoxoxoxox Wonderful photos, too!!!


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