She Said She Wanted to Crochet!

Well, actually she said knit, but she didn't know the difference between the two.  Now she does. :)  When one of my kids wants to do a project or learn how to make something I get pretty excited.  I'm not a champion crocheter and I knew her patience and desire to learn were not going to last too long....

So, I showed her how to chain, the half double crochet, and how to turn. That's all that's needed for this project. It's kind of like an infinity scarf, but shorter and without the twist.  I guess it could be called a snood.  Now she just needs cold weather and her black coat!

I made a prayer shawl with the the same yarn and stitch.  Some day I hope to take pictures of it and show you.
Maybe...just maybe...I could make a tutorial on how to crochet a snood. It's pretty easy and fast with this big thick yarn we used. It's so soft and cozy!

{{{She wanted to learn!!}}}


  1. How awesome!!! You are so right...when they want to learn, you have to show them immediately.... or they change their mind. ha! My mom crocheted like a crazy woman! I never wanted to learn. All I know is the chain stitch. If you did a tutorial I would do it. I've not watched any as I feel guilty because I didn't let my mom teach me when she was alive.... I regret that I never let her teach me. I think I thought she would be here forever to crochet for me.

  2. EVERY winter I promise myself to learn to crochet. I knit a wee bit..easy scarves only..but lately everything I see I want to have is crocheted.. and I can chain and that's it and I have TRIED to learn but yes please teach these poor numb fingers of mine how to crochet.... Are you up for the challenge?

  3. I made some of these last fall...great traveling in the car project....I felt so honored when my sister had hers on at a concert in buffalo and another woman wanted to buy it off her neck! Do the little girls want to learn too? Oh the long lines of chain we had at our house when Lizzie was learning! I have been crocheting many years...always easy to pick up and I taught my brother too!

  4. Looks snuggly and gorgeous, what a great seasonal snood, we all need one of those! M


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