The Finished Dried Fall/Christmas/Valentine's Day Tree

I finished the herb tree a few weeks ago that I posted about here . And, chose to wait until the cloudiest week of the year to take pictures.
For the most part, I'm happy with it, but if I would have had more herbs, I would have added a lot more.

The cockscomb dried so well and I had a lot of it, so I filled in with that.  

My daughter said it looks more like a Christmas tree than a fall decoration.  
I told her nooooo, not if you look at it right. (ha)  I told her the day after Thanksgiving....then it will look like a Christmas tree.  Today, it brings in the fall colors. 

And, the day after Epiphany Sunday, it will look like a winter/Valentine's Day decoration.  Because I don't think it will store too well.  It is dried flowers and leaves after all.  

We saw a few snow flakes today and had some rain last night!  Yay for the rain!


  1. Snowflakes = oh my!

    Your tree is lovely and will be perfect for every occasion I believe!

    Fun post Jill ... here's to making the most of the season!

  2. putting a great spin to the tree and your attitude <3

  3. You sold me on the it! I adore cockscomb!

  4. The cockscomb really looks great with the herbs. What a creative idea. The tree for all seasons!


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