Another Use For a Gallon Jar

I mentioned in yesterday's post that we stopped by the road side to pick some milkweed pods.  They are simply beautiful.  My husband who farms does not share my opinion though!  He helped me pick some none the less. :)
What's more perfect to display them in than a big gallon glass jar?  If you've ever opened a milk weed pod you know why.  The seeds scatter worse than dandelions.  

I put some empty pods that were still on the stems in other places in the house.  They just have a great shape.

I took these two photos two years ago at an abandoned farm.

It's unfortunate that something so very pretty is such an annoyance to farmers.  Monarch butterflies and other bugs depend on the miilkweed, but there aren't that many around any more because of advancements in weed control.  I had some growing in my garden, but didn't water where they were, and they didn't make it.

If anyone wants some seeds to grow your own butterfly food or to capture some beauty in a jar.....I'll send you some seeds. Just email me with your address. 


  1. They certainly ARE beautiful...I enjoy their silky feel too. I never thought about them being annoying or problematic for farmers.

    Your jar is so charming Jill! I am going out to the right of way and find me some, thank you for always being so inspiring

  2. Now that is a cool idea!!! Love it!

  3. that really does look wispy soft - a nice counterpoint to the old glass jar. We don't have wild milkweed here. I had to start our butterfly garden with purchased plants. hope the seeds will grow for you!

  4. They are beautiful in your jar! I remember my mom collecting the pods and using them for Christmas decorations. She used to spray paint them silver or white and coat the inside with glitter. Then she would put something miniature (a deer or something like that) in the pod and it looked lie a winter wonderland. I had forgotten all about that!

  5. These are so very, very beautiful! We don't have milkweed here, I feel as if I'm missing something!


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