Then and Now

The passage of time.
Love it.
Hate it.
Don't understand it.
Can't change it.

My little gals Oct. 28, 2009
Ages 4 and 3

Yesterday October 8, 2012
Ages 7 and almost 6

Then. The lighting was exquisite that day.

Yesterday it was very bright and she was trying to hide her two front teeth that are so loose they are almost sticking straight out forward. :)



This was all serendipitous. (a.k.a. a God thing)  I was sorting my digital files of pictures and came across these from 2009 yesterday. I thought, wouldn't it be fun to shoot them in the same poses there again?  Then, when I came home from my 12 y/o's volleyball game they were playing under the same tree in the leaves and I ran for my camera.

Maybe I can try to do it every few years and then Senior pictures?!  

Or, I'll just enjoy that it happened once. :)


  1. time - it flys on gossamer wings. fabulous shots, but i want to see the snaggle teeth - too cute

    I have 12 years of first day of school pics in front of a tree..this same tree is dying.. makes me quite melancholy.

  2. such beautiful girls!
    I love your serendipitous idea of revisiting a prior pose - I'll have to look through my photos - as usual, you are inspiring!


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